Overseas Utility Relief Assistance Grant

Supporting our overseas members during challenging times
  • Providing assistance for overseas members impacted by high utility costs
  • Offering grants of up to $2,500 to help with utility costs1

We are here to support our overseas members as they face the unexpected.

Our military and DOD members are facing extreme hardships because of increased energy bills following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In response to their needs, we have developed an Overseas Utility Relief Assistance Grant to support them and to aid in covering the costs of unprecedented utility expenses.

Grant Details

Andrews Federal is committed to supporting community members through this unexpected hardship. The credit union has pledged grant funds to support military and DOD families struggling with the cost of exorbitant utility bills.

To qualify for an Overseas Utility Relief Assistance grant, you must:

  • Be a member in good standing
  • Reside in USAG Benelux or USAG Wiesbaden
  • Have pursued other avenues for coverage of expenses, including garrison relief programs and the Andrews Federal Overseas Utility Relief Assistance Loan
  • Complete a budgeting consultation through our partner, Greenpath Financial Wellness

Andrews Federal may provide one grant of up to $2,500 in relief per household (not to exceed the total amount of the utility bills).

How to Apply:

Apply for a grant online or by visiting one of our overseas branches. You will be asked to provide a copy of your utility bill, as well as supporting documentation. A Euro Bill Payment will be made to the utility company by Andrews Federal.

Grants will be given to households who are unable to secure an Overseas Utility Relief Assistance Loan to cover their bills. To get more information about the loan process, visit our Overseas Utility Relief Assistance Loan page.

Overseas Utility Relief Grant Application

Proof of Payment to Utility company (last three months or €150 whichever is lower)