The Impact of Saving More Calculator

A few extra dollars can make a big difference in the long run.

Your money can grow a lot faster than you might think.

The more you save, the more we pay you. Why make an effort to save more money? First off, you'll have the funds for all those things you'll want and need in the future. Plus, for every extra dollar you deposit in your account, you'll earn additional interest payments from the credit union. Over time, that can really add up. Use this calculator to see how bumping up your savings rate by just a few percent can make a world of difference.

Boost Checking

So long old school, hello dividends. Start moving forward, start moving up.

Our boost gives your balance a nice big lift. Multiple choice: A) You can have a checking account that’s designed for spending only. B) Or you can have this multi-tasking moneymaker that earns dividends at a competitive interest rate, as well. The answer seems obvious - especially when you roll in the added convenience of Digital Wallets, Mobile Check Deposit, and Digital Banking.

Andrews Federal members received over $12 Million in direct member benefits through lower fees, lower loan rates and higher deposit yields.