Contactless Visa® Debit Card

A new way to pay with a contactless Visa® debit card
  • SAFE. Fewer surfaces to touch
  • FAST. Quicker than swiping or inserting
  • EASY. Simply tap at checkout 
  • SECURE. Shop worry-free

Enjoy the ease of the new contactless Andrews Federal Visa® debit card

Tap to pay and be on your way. The Andrews Federal Visa® debit card makes it easy to keep moving.


The latest in secure payment technology is here

  1. LOOK. Find the Contactless Symbol on the check-out terminal
  2. TAP. Match the Contactless Indicator on your card to the Contactless Symbol on the checkout terminal
  3. DONE. Your payment is processed in seconds

Why should you tap to pay versus insert, dip or swipe? 

  • SAFE. Fewer surfaces to touch
  • FAST. Quicker than swiping or inserting your card
  • EASY. Simply tap your contactless debit on the checkout terminal
  • SECURE. Shop worry-free. $0 liability guaranteed** 


The perfect card for all your purchases

  • Manage your debit card on-the-go with Digital Banking
  • Log in to enable or disable your card, report it lost or stolen or, set a travel notification
  • With Visa's Zero Liability** you won't be held responsible for any unauthorized charges if your Visa debit card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used, online or offline


Never share your card information with a merchant again

Simplify the way you shop by adding your Andrews Federal Visa® debit card to these digital wallets on your phone or enabled watch/device: Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, Google Pay®, LG Pay®, FitBit PayTM, Garmin PayTM.


Contactless not an option? 

You can still insert or swipe your debit card if the contactless symbol is not on the terminal.

Don’t always carry your card? 

Add your new debit card to your Digital Wallet and use it to make purchases in-store, online or in-app. 


To place a freeze on your debit card, log into digital banking and go to 'Card Services', and then go to 'Card Management', and go to Enable/Disable Card. 

Log in to Digital Banking, and go to the Account Services/Re-Order Checks.

Sign your name on the back of the check and write "For Mobile Deposit to Andrews Federal". Then, log into the Andrews Federal mobile app and tap 'Deposit Check'; place your check on a flat, dark surface, tap the camera icon, and follow the prompts. 

Yes, complete the "Authorization for Direct Deposit to Andrews Federal Credit Union" form located in the "Learn" section of this website and return it to your employer or to the agency responsible for your payments.

Our routing number is 255074111.

To reset the PIN on your debit card call 1.866.985.2273.

No, but we offer a variety of no-fee options. Just click on "Branches and ATMs" under the "Access" section on the home page. And, use the locator to find the nearest Andrews Federal or CO-OP ATM and avoid a possible $1 fee.

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