Early Direct Deposit

Access your paycheck before it’s available at traditional banks.*
  • Get paid one day early
  • Avoid the hassle of depositing a check
  • Save time with fewer trips to the credit union
  • Reduce the risk of loss or theft 

Just another way to save you the minutes that matter.

Enjoy your Friday afternoon with one less chore. Skip the lines, and the fees of a check-cashing service. With direct deposit, your paycheck will be waiting in your account as soon as it becomes available. So, you can get straight to celebrating the weekend.

Get your paycheck one day early

With early direct deposit, we make your paycheck available one day before your pay date. In other words, if your payday typically falls on a Friday, we'll make your funds available on Thursday.

How early direct deposit works

  1. Employer submits payroll files to the Federal Reserve to start the direct deposit process.
  2. The Federal Reserve then notifies Andrews Federal of the amount of money you should receive with that deposit post.
  3. We go ahead and deposit your money in your checking account when we receive the direct deposit notification.
  4. For most Friday paydays, we get the alert from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, so you may get your money faster than your co-workers.*

How to sign up for early direct deposit

Setting up your direct deposit is easy! Go to your employer or government agency’s online portal and enter your Andrews Federal Bank Account number, type of account, and routing number. You can find that information in the Andrews Federal app by tapping on your account details. Otherwise, you could directly provide your Andrews Federal Bank Account information to your HR department or government agency for processing.

Available for more than your paycheck

Early direct deposit is available for paychecks, military benefits, and regular Social Security and Social Security disability checks

Rewarding Checking

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