Pay a Loan

It's simple to pay a loan when you don't need a username or password
  • You must validate your account before you can make a payment
  • Having trouble? Enroll or log in to Digital Banking

You must validate the account you will be making a payment from

If you're having trouble validating your account, please enroll or log in Digital Banking to make a payment. We recently added this extra step to protect your personal information. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Pay towards your loan(s) with just a few clicks

Submit a payment to your Andrews Federal loan(s) without logging in. Or, create a username and password to make your next payment that much easier.

  1. Visit us online
  2. Select 'Express Pay' to make a payment without logging in
  3. Validate your account
  4. Come back once a month to make your payments with ease

Here's a few things you should know before making a loan payment online

  • There are no fees for making a loan payment online
  • You may pay any type of loan. However, the loan must not be past due by 45 days, or more
  • Payments made towards mortgage and credit card accounts will be processed the next business day, generally Monday - Friday, except holidays. 
  • Credit cards are not accepted for loan payments
  • Pay any amount, up to the maximum amount of $2,500 
  • A confirmation email will be sent after you've made a payment
  • You can only make a total of four (4) online loan payment transactions, per month
  • We do not encourage you to use the online loan payment system to pay off your loan. Please contact us to get your exact payoff amount


Enroll and log in to make payments with Digital Banking

Once you have enrolled in Andrews Federal Digital Banking, it's easy to log in and make a loan payment without having to verify your account

  • View your loan details, including the payment due date
  • Move money from an Andrews Federal account to make a payment
  • Add a New External Account to pay from another financial institution 


Still Have Questions?

Log in to Digital Banking and go to Main Menu/Card Services, then Card Management, and select the image of your card, then toggle the Enable/Disable Card option.

Log in to Digital Banking and go to 'Account Services', then go to 'Manage Alerts', and 'New Alert'.

A general power of attorney may be accepted, but must be reviewed and approved by a branch manager. 

If you received a notification in regards to a failed login attempt (invalid password) that was not instituted by you, we recommend that you immediately change your username and change your password.

After you deposit your check, please hold onto the check for a minimum of 30 days.

To change your login password, please click here.

To change your login username, please click here.

To file a dispute on a debit card transaction, log into digital banking and go to 'Card Services', and then 'Card Management', select your Debit Card and click ‘Dispute Transaction’. 

Log in to Digital Banking and go to 'Card Services', then 'Card Management', and select Enable/Disable Card.

Yes. To place a travel notification on your account, log into digital banking go to 'Card Service', and then go to 'Card Management', and go to 'Card Details' OR go to 'Travel Notifications'.

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