How to Fund Your Share Certificate

Get your money to a place with plenty of growth potential.
  • Take your pick of account funding options
  • Use Online Banking to move money quickly
  • Easily transfer money from other banks or credit unions

They say nothing in life is easy. But really, this is easy.

Because it can earn you a generous amount of money, opening a Share Certificate account is one of the smartest financial moves you can make. And we give you plenty of options for getting started, ranging from old-school mail to modern technology.

Pay us a visit. Send us a check. Or transfer funds online.

With Share Certificates, you choose how long you want to save, with options ranging from six months to seven years. You also get to choose the easiest way to send us the opening deposit.

Here's an easy how-to on all the ways to transfer funds into your account.

1. Stop by one of our branches.
2. Mail a check with “Share Certificate” written in the Memo line, along with the certificate term (for example, 12 months) to:

Andrews Federal Credit Union
ATTN: Payment Systems
P.O. Box 3000
Clinton, MD 20735-6001

3. If you don’t live near an Andrews Federal branch, visit a Shared Branch to deposit money to your Andrews Federal Savings or Checking Account or wire money from another financial institution. If wiring money, your financial institution may request the following information:

First and last name on the account
ABA/Routing number: 255074111
Type of account (either Checking or Savings)
Your account number
Our address is 5711 Allentown Road, Suitland, MD 20746

Move money from another financial institution

  1. Log into Digital Banking.
  2. Go to Move Money.
  3. If you already have your external account linked, go to My Accounts. If you do not have your external accounts linked, select New External Account.

Move funds from an existing Andrews Federal savings or checking account

  1. Log into Digital Banking.
  2. Go to Open Account.
  3. Go to Open Additional Accounts.
  4. Select desired term and Continue.

Planning to fund your Certificate with $50,000, or more? You must either mail a check, schedule a wire transfer, or contact us to have your daily transferable limit raised.