Debt Protection

Take simple steps to guard against the unexpected.
  • Create financial security for your family
  • Have your loan paid off if you become disabled or laid off
  • Protect yourself against vehicle theft
  • Pay a low price for valuable policies
  • Easy online application for coverage

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. It's smart to be prepared.

Job losses, disabling injuries, auto accidents or theft. No one likes to think much about these serious topics. But if you take just a few minutes to apply for one of our low-cost protection plans, you can move forward with peace of mind, knowing you've taken positive steps to safeguard your family's finances.

Payment Protection

Additional coverage to protect your investment

  • Payment Protection¹ can help cover your payments if you or your co-borrower are unable to make them.
  • Eliminate all or part of your remaining loan or credit card balance
  • Protect your credit rating as payment obligations are met on your behalf
  • Free up extra cash when it's most needed

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Extra coverage that your auto insurance policy doesn't offer

Protect your investment with extra coverage that your auto insurance policy doesn't offer.

  • Coverage for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats
  • Kicks in if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond repair
  • Pays the amount remaining on your Andrews Federal loan that your insurer won't cover, in most cases
  • A one-time payment protects you for the life of your loan

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Rollover Services

Flexible retirement options

to plan for every unique lifestyle.