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Need a ride? Choose where to go.
  • No payments for 90 days
  • Shop for your dream car
  • Save hundreds of dollars a month by refinancing

No payments for the first 90 days.

Get around town with more money in your pocket. Finance a new or used auto loan today, and make your first payment after 90 days.

Finance anything that runs on four wheels

  • Low rates keep your monthly payments under control
  • Flexible loan terms give you up to 84 months to repay
  • Protect your investment for just a few dollars extra

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Getting there could be a lot more fun

  • Financing for new and used boats, motorcycles, and RVs
  • Low interest rates can save you hundreds on interest charges
  • Get pre-approved before you go to the dealer

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Trade in your old financing for something less expensive

  • Save money on interest with a lower rate
  • Reduce those expensive monthly payments
  • Switch to a shorter or longer loan payment period

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Log into digital banking and go to the 'Loan Services' menu, then go to 'Make a Loan Payment' and choose the frequency of the payment and start date. 

Yes, we offer Major Mechanical Protection (MMP). The cost varies depending on the plan type and vehicle.

If you purchased GAP from your dealership, you should contact them directly to file your claim. If you purchased from us or, we will file the claim on your behalf. To do so we will need documentation from your insurance provider including the market valuation report, the total loss settlement statement, settlement check, cause of loss letter (if purchase from us) and the police report if applicable. This info can be faxed to 301-702-5323 or emailed to Make sure that you have a valid email address on file with us so that our communications can be received.

There are a variety of ways to qualify for membership at Andrews Federal.  To see the full list of eligibility requirements, click on "Membership" at the top or bottom of the home page.

No, you are welcome to apply for a loan before you've become a member. Once you've been approved for the loan, membership is required($5 minimum in Savings) for the loan to be disbursed.

You can apply for a loan online by selecting the "Apply for a Loan" option which is listed at a "Common Task" under the "Borrow" section of this website.

You can pay any type of loan. However, the loan must not be past due by 45 days, or more.

There are no fees when making a payment online. However, payments made over the phone are subject to a $14.95 processing fee.

Anyone with a Loan or Visa with Andrews Federal can create a login and password. You may also choose not to create a login or password. Instead, you may make a one time payment; the system will not store your information.

A confirmation email will be sent when you make a loan payment online. 

Andrews Federal will call you if your payment was returned. Returned payments are subject to Non-Sufficient Fund Fees/ACH. Please see Account Fee's for more information.  

As proud partners of various financial readiness and literacy campaigns, we are aware of the life changes for our members living overseas. The Armed Forces Financial Guide, developed by military financial education experts, offers strategies and tips we believe will help you succeed.


Log into digital banking and go to 'Loan Services', then go to 'Make a Loan Payment', and choose the frequency of the payment and start date.

We do not encourage you to use the online loan payment system to pay off your loan. Please contact us to get your exact payoff amount to avoid any shortage in payment. 

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