Commercial Vehicle Loans

Keep your business driving in the right direction.
  • Low interest rates
  • Fast approval process
  • Automatic payment options

If it moves and has a motor, we can help you buy it.

Fleets of delivery vans and company cars. Dump trucks and cement mixers. Eighteen-wheelers that move cargo and bulldozers that move the earth. Companies are powered by many types of vehicles. Our low-cost auto loans can make sure your business is running on all cylinders, whether you are in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey or beyond.

Your vehicles may not move lightning fast. But we sure do.

Beep. Beep. It's time to expand your fleet. Get pre-approved today

  • Low car loan rates
  • Take up to 72 months to pay off your loan
  • Commercial vehicle financing for both new and used vehicles ¹
  • You're eligible if your business address is within a 50-mile radius from any of our locations

17-Month Winter Share Certificate Special Offer

Move your money and earn more!

Move your money to a Share Certificate and you'll earn more on your money with higher dividend rates. Our Winter Share Certificate special offer gives you 4.05% APY* for 17-months with $1,000 minimum to open the account.

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