Debit Card Round Up Savings Program

All that small change can make a big difference
  • Debit Card purchases help boost your savings balance
  • Available with Boost, Forces, Online and Payback checking
  • Easy enrollment through Digital Banking or our mobile app

This is where simple math becomes your best friend

Here’s how Round-Up Savings works: You buy groceries for $34.50 and pay with your debit card. We round it up to $35, with the extra 50 cents going to your savings. Or you buy a T-shirt for $14.75 – that rounds up to $15, with a quarter shifted to savings. Do this over and over, and there’s no telling how much you can sock away to buy something special someday.


Put your savings on autopilot.

Available with Boost, Forces, Online and Payback checking accounts.

  • When you make a purchase with your Contactless Visa® Debit Card, we will automatically round up your transaction amount to the nearest whole dollar amount for the purpose of determining your Round Up transfer amount.
  • At the end of the day, we will total up all your “round-ups” for the day and transfer that amount from your checking to your Base Share Savings account. 
  • There is no fee for this service.
  • View your savings in Digital Banking or our Mobile Banking App.
  • All checking accounts come with our free Contactless Visa® Debit Card featuring touchless technology (Tap to Pay).
  • Your account will not be overdrawn if you do not have the funds available to complete the transfer.
  • If your daily available balance in your checking account is less than $10, your debit card transactions will not be rounded up.

How to enroll

  • Log in to Digital Banking
  • Click on “Account Services” on the left menu.
  • Then select Debit Card Round Up.


  • To participate in this service, you must have an eligible checking account and enroll your debit card in Digital Banking or through our Mobile App.
  • The debit card Round Up Savings Program is available on Signature and PIN debit card transactions only, ATM withdrawals do not qualify for this service.


To place a freeze on your debit card, log into digital banking and go to 'Card Services', and then go to 'Card Management', and go to Enable/Disable Card. 

Log in to Digital Banking, and go to the Account Services/Re-Order Checks.

Sign your name on the back of the check and write "For Mobile Deposit to Andrews Federal". Then, log into the Andrews Federal mobile app and tap 'Deposit Check'; place your check on a flat, dark surface, tap the camera icon, and follow the prompts. 

Our routing number is 255074111.

Yes, complete the "Authorization for Direct Deposit to Andrews Federal Credit Union" form located in the "Learn" section of this website and return it to your employer or to the agency responsible for your payments.

To reset the PIN on your debit card call 1.866.985.2273.

ATM fee rebates/refunds are only available with our Military Forces Checking Account.


When you open a Share Certificate, you can open it with a zero balance. You then have 10 days to fund your account. Click here for more details about the Share Certificate funding process. 

You can send money from another institution to Andrews Federal by logging into your account with the other institution and submitting a request there. You cannot initiate a request from your Andrews Federal account to another institution. Click here for more details about the Share Certificate funding process. 

You have 10 days to fund your Share Certificate. If your account is not funded within 10 days, it will be automatically closed and you will need to restart the process. Click here for more details about Share Certificate funding. 

12 Months of Higher Earning

12-Month Share Certificate
Our new 12-month Share Certificate puts you on the road to saving for big plans and goals!

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