Telephone Banking Instructions

The first time you dial the Automated Phone Service number, you will be prompted to enter your member number. This is the primary account holder’s 9-digit Andrews Federal Credit Union account number.

You will then be asked to select a Telephone Access Code. This code should be between 4 and 10 digits long and cannot begin with a “0” (zero). After the Telephone Access Code has been selected, follow the prompts to transfer funds, obtain account balance information and more.

  Quick Reference Guide
Step 1: Dial the Telephone Banking number:
301.899.8353 Locally
800.487.8353 Toll-Free
00800.487.83535 Outside the US

Step 2: The default language is English:
Press “2” for Spanish

NOTE: By not pressing a key, the system defaults to an English-speaking host.

Step 3: Press “2” if you wish to use speech recognition.

NOTE: By not pressing a key, the menu will progress to the next prompt.

Step 4: Select the appropriate number for the transaction you want to complete:

1 – Account Balance
2 – Account History
3 – Transfer Funds or Make a Payment
4 – Share or Loan Withdrawal
5 – Deactivate a Card or Report a Card Lost or Stolen
6 – More Options

NOTE: By not pressing a key, you will be given the option of pressing 1* for help, or by default, the menu will replay the options again.

Step 5: Follow the prompts after making your selection.