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For over 60 years, Andrews Federal has met the needs of military members along with civilians both in the continental US and abroad. We work harder to provide you with the financial assistance and advice you count on to minimize the difficulties of being away from home and keeping your financial life in order.

Whether you're assigned to another state or another country, or are separating from the military, you can take your Andrews Federal membership with you wherever you go. Once you are a member, you can remain a member for life, no matter where you move or what career you choose, even retirement.

It's easy to enjoy all the benefits of membership with full access to all of your accounts and all account privileges from anywhere in the world. Our extensive list of electronic services such as SmartConnect Online Banking, SmartPaySmartMobile with remote deposit, SmartCall and more allow you to stay in complete charge of accounts right from your computer or by phone. And our worldwide network of ATMs and branches add another level of access when you are away.

As an additional benefit and service to those serving in the military and to civilians living and working abroad, our established European Headquarters has credit union branches in Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium. We even provide toll free numbers for over 30 countries for you to access your account by telephone at no charge.

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