Euro Bill Pay

Andrews Federal Credit Union proudly presents Online Euro Bill Pay, which is available in the online channel. The majority of Americans living in Europe do not have an in-country bank account. This is important to many because all bills have to be paid in the same currency as the country. If you’re living in Europe, you have an easy way to pay European bills.

No longer will you have to mail your completed Euro Bill Pay Authorization form with two forms of identification. With our Online Euro Bill Pay you decide who to pay, how much, and when. It’s fast because all payments are made electronically, which reduces the chance of late payments. And it’s economical because each transaction is just $2 in the branch or $.50 through online banking, whether it’s a recurring bill or a one-time payment.

You can:

  • Pay anyone – your vendors, your landlord, yourself!
  • Pay as many bills as you want, whenever you want!

To get started, you will need to enroll in online banking. Enrollment instructions are provided below. If you need further assistance, please call 00800.487.56267 or visit a branch. 


Andrews Federal Credit Union Euro Bill Pay makes one-time and recurring payments within SEPA participating countries more convenient than ever. An IBAN, or International Bank Account Number, and BIC, or Bank Identifier Code, are part of the European standard that has been adopted as part of SEPA. 

For Andrews Federal Credit Union members, SEPA means that you will be able to make fast and secure transfers between your accounts anywhere in the euro area. SEPA will also help to improve all payments, whether domestic or between two euro area countries. All consumers will benefit from new rules ensuring transparent pricing and prompt transfer.

Where do I find my payee's IBAN and BIC?

These numbers will be required to initiate one-time or recurring payments with companies. Typically, they are printed on the invoice, bill, or included in the contract details (e.g. rental contract) or you may need to contact the recipient directly.

We’re here to help

Andrews Federal Credit Union understands the changes to the European banking system will affect everyone that makes transactions with local businesses which is why we stand ready to handle those changes quick and easy. Visit your nearest branch location and set up one-time or recurring payments to as many businesses as you want. Or, give us a call at 00800.487.56267 and a member service representative will gladly assist you. As always, we appreciate your membership and look forward to serving your financial needs.