Get Early Access to Your Funds!


Enjoy more control over your money with access to your directly deposited funds up to a day early!

Recurring Direct Deposit at Andrews Federal

With recurring Direct Deposit your payroll, retirement, Social Security, or other recurring credits can be electronically deposited into your Andrews Federal accounts. That means no long lines to wait in, postal delays to stress over, or theft to worry about. Your money is in your account and ready to use.

Benefits of recurring Direct Deposit

  1. Speed – The funds are in your account ready to use a day before payday.

  2. Convenience – You don't have to worry about traveling to an ATM or branch to deposit your check.

  3. Safety – You don't have to be concerned about your check being lost or stolen.

  4. Build good savings habits – Building your long term savings is easier because it goes into your account before it touches your hands.

Early Pay Day is a benefit provided by Andrews Federal Credit Union and is not guaranteed; early deposit may be up to one day early of your actual payment settlement day but is contingent upon the receipt and successful processing of the deposit from your payor/employer. Andrews Federal Credit Union does not have control over when your funds are received from or sent by your payor/employer. For questions regarding your payment date, please speak with your payor/employer.