ATMs Now Offer Additional Fraud Protection Features

At Andrews Federal our vision is to be a world class financial institution that serves our global membership throughout their lifetime.  We take a proactive approach to improving member service, as well as researching new products, services and technologies that can better serve our members.  We’re proud to announce that that our Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) will offer additional fraud protection for our members and our communities that use them.

Our ATMs are now equipped with new card readers that are designed to combat fraud caused by skimming devices. This is done by altering the way the card is inserted and read. The card is normally read with the strip on the right side of the card reader vertically. The new card reader reads the back of the card’s strip from the top of the reader horizontally. This causes skimming devices  to be ineffective at reading cards and capturing their data.  In addition, these readers can detect the attachment of skimming devices and shut down communications to eliminate the ability to capture and track card data.

Here are some additional things you need to know about this new technology:

  • Cards should be held flat horizontally so that you can see the Visa® logo at the bottom right corner.
  •  Cards will need to be inserted and kept inside the card reader until all transactions are completed.
  • You will not need to re-enter your pin number to perform another transaction so there will be audible alarms within a few seconds of inactivity to get your attention in order to ensure that you do not leave your card behind.
  • These readers are equipped with EMV/Chip and Pin technology so that card holders with EMV cards are able to perform transactions in an even more secure way.