Mobile Check Deposits

Quick, convenient mobile deposits make accessing your money easier
  • Access your deposits faster
  • Complete deposits from your mobile phone - no need to visit a branch 
  • Deposit checks - up to $5,000 daily 

Depositing Checks Has Never Been Easier

With just your smartphone and a few minutes, you can quickly and easily deposit checks into your account. Use our Mobile Check Deposit feature to ensure you have fast, convenient access to your funds. 

Deposits as Easy as 1-2-3!

Depositing a check with your mobile device is easy at Andrews Federal. In just three steps, you can complete your mobile deposit and get access to your funds sooner.

  1. Open the Andrews Federal mobile app and tap the main menu.
  2. Choose “Deposit Check.”
  3. Follow the prompts to take photos of your check and enter deposit details.

Benefits of Mobile Check Deposits

Why choose mobile check deposits? They’re an easy, secure, convenient way to deposit checks even if you’re not near a branch location. With mobile deposits, you can:

  • Deposit checks online safely and securely from anywhere
  • Deposit up to $5,000 in checks per business day from anywhere, anytime
  • Deposit a check to your spouse, partner, minor child, and anyone else linked to your account
  • Access your funds quickly. Deposits typically are available in your account by the next business day
  • Feel confident about the security of your deposits and account information

Wondering what else our mobile app can do? Learn more about its many easy-to-use money management features, and download the Andrews Federal mobile app today.


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