Mobile Banking

All access, all the time
  • Available for download for free in your app store
  • Send money securely to the people you love
  • Deposit checks by phone in a snap with remote deposit
  • Pay bills, open an account or apply for a loan
  • It's all there, right where you need it 

Life moving in a fast-forward mode? Just hit the pause button for a moment.

We get it. You're busy, ambitious, and scheduled to the max. The last thing you want to do is to make a special stop to handle financial matters. With Mobile Banking, you barely have to slow down to tap into your savings and checking accounts from your home, office, out on the road, or at your favorite hangout anywhere in Washington, D.C.MarylandVirginiaNew Jersey and beyond.

Safe and secure

Protect your mobile access

  • Never share your username and password with anyone, especially if they ask for it
  • Create a username and password with at least eight letters, numbers and special characters (except & < >)
  • Do not include your bank account number in your username or, more than four numerical digits 
  • Secure your login details with Face ID and Touch ID. These technologies scan your face or fingerprint before logging in, to prevent fraudsters from accessing your accounts.
  • When using a new device, you will have to verify your identity by entering a secure access code. The one-time access code will be sent to your phone via voice, email, or text. 

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Discover how much easier you can manage your money

  • Available on Apple Watch
  • Manage and move money in our easy-to-use app
  • Personalize your account names and preferences
  • State-of-the-art security safeguards your sensitive information

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It's simple to deposit a check with our app

  • No need to drive to a branch or ATM
  • Download the Andrews Federal Credit Union app
  • Log in and use your camera to deposit checks

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Sign your name on the back of the check and write "For Mobile Deposit to Andrews Federal". Then, log into the Andrews Federal mobile app and tap 'Deposit Check'; place your check on a flat, dark surface, tap the camera icon, and follow the prompts. 

After you deposit your check, please hold onto the check for a minimum of 30 days.

Log into digital banking, and go to 'Move Money', then go to 'Other Member'. 

Log into digital banking and go to 'Account Services', and then go to 'Manage Alerts', and go to 'New Alert'.

More than 30,000 no-fee ATMs

Through our CO-OP ATM network
That’s more than most of the biggest banks.