Low Rate or Cash Back? Calculator

Decide which promotion offers the best value.

What's the best way to come out ahead on your next vehicle purchase?

Drive away with the best bargain possible. Have you been out shopping for a car, SUV or truck lately? Chances are one dealer is offering an especially low financing rate and another is trying to entice you with cash back. What benefits you the most in the long run? In far less time than it takes for a test drive, you can plug numbers into this calculator and see which deal works best for you.

Boost Checking

So long old school, hello dividends. Start moving forward, start moving up.

Our boost gives your balance a nice big lift. Multiple choice: A) You can have a checking account that’s designed for spending only. B) Or you can have this multi-tasking moneymaker that earns dividends at a competitive interest rate, as well. The answer seems obvious - especially when you roll in the added convenience of Digital Wallets, Mobile Check Deposit, and Digital Banking.

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