Are Credit Card Balance Transfers Worth It? Calculator

You may be able to save money by moving your balance to a new card.

Be on the lookout for offers of cards with low introductory rates.

A new card may be in your best interest. Nearly everyone receives offers like this in the mail: Transfer your existing credit card balance to a new card and pay zero or very low interest for a set number of months. If you make the switch, will you save on interest charges? As this calculator shows, it depends on the promotional rate, the length of the promotional period, and the long-term interest rate on the card.

Boost Checking

So long old school, hello dividends. Start moving forward, start moving up.

Our boost gives your balance a nice big lift. Multiple choice: A) You can have a checking account that’s designed for spending only. B) Or you can have this multi-tasking moneymaker that earns dividends at a competitive interest rate, as well. The answer seems obvious - especially when you roll in the added convenience of Digital Wallets, Mobile Check Deposit, and Digital Banking.

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