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Military Life – Ease Your Next PCS Move

Andrews Federal Credit Union is here to help. Follow these tips to ease your next PCS move.
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If you are a military family, you know that moving is part of the lifestyle. Unlike most civilians, every three years, you have to pack up your entire life and start over somewhere new. Don’t let the challenge of your next move dampen the excitement of a fresh start.

Don’t be a Hoarder

Avoid having to pack more stuff than you need by decluttering ahead of time. Make a point to organize and purge your home every season. Take a few days to dig through your pantry, garage, closets, and under the beds. Donate any old clothing, shoes, bags, toys, etc. that you don’t use anymore.

Even better. Stay on top of the clutter. Sort through your mail every day, and cut back on clothes shopping. Only hold on to things that you love and wear often. 

Plan Ahead

Plan something exciting to do once you arrive in your new hometown. Having something to look forward to will ease the pain of leaving your current life behind. Start researching fun things to do in your new area and create a bucket list to complete. A PCS move is the perfect opportunity to seize the day, month, and the next three years!

Also, remember to pack your coffee along with the machine, and all of the fixings into one single box. You’re welcome.

Expect a Mishap, or Two

When you show up to your new home, expect something to go wrong. You may discover that the air conditioning is broken, or the water hasn’t been turned on yet. Maybe the movers will arrive five hours late. Something is bound to go wrong. When you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that moving is hard. You said goodbye to friends and a life that you spent years building. Give yourself five minutes to be upset, and then, let it go.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Unpack Everything

Once you have arrived at your new home, unpack everything. It may sound overwhelming, but unpacking immediately will help you to feel settled in your new home. If you have children, start unpacking their rooms first, which will soothe their anxiety. Plus, then the kids will have somewhere to play while you tackle the remainder of the new house. 

Keep a steady pace, and enjoy reuniting with your belongings.

Engage in your community

Start with meeting your neighbors. Heck, invite the neighbors over for dinner. Ask them all of your burning questions about school, doctors, baby sitters, and more.

Then, get out of your new house and into the community. Volunteer for a local organization, apply for a part-time job, join a gym or a church group. Getting involved in the community and building relationships will help you to feel at home.

Moving is tough. But after the boxes are unpacked, don’t waste any time starting your new life.