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Celebrating and Looking Back on 75 Years

A look back on 75 years of amazing service to our members

Since 1948, Andrews Federal has been proudly serving members - both in the military and in our civilian communities.

75 years is a long time and our world has changed a lot since then! In fact, we thought it might be fun to look back at what was happening in the world when our credit union was first founded. 

A few notable happenings in 1948

What happened in 1948? 

  • The first Polaroid camera was sold for $5.50. Today, we have instant access to all our photos on our smartphones.
  • Some very famous babies were born, including a future king. King Charles III entered the world in 1948 and so did Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, musician Stevie Nicks, and actor Samuel L. Jackson.
  • The first color newsreel (from the Rose Bowl) was broadcast. Today we have access to hundreds of television channels, streaming services, and more - many of which we access from our phones!
  • The predecessor to Toys R Us (Children’s Supermart) was founded in Washington D.C.
  • U.S. President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9981, banning racial segregation in the United States Armed Forces
  • Margaret Chase Smith became the first woman to serve in both the U.S. House Of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Even before this past year’s inflation challenges, you’d notice a big difference in prices for groceries and other consumer goods. 

Common Goods 1948 2023
One dozen eggs 64 cents $3.59
One load of bread 13 cents $1.85
One pound of chicken 61 cents $4.42
One pound of apples 12 cents $1.38
One pound of butter 87 cents $4.64

Sources: St. Louis Federal Reserve

Alongside all these happenings, eight people pooled together their money to form a credit union for Joint Base Andrews. 

Because they believed in coming together and creating something bigger than themselves, this credit union was born. And since then, it has grown from those original eight to serve more than 130,000 members around the world. 

As the world has grown more complex and interconnected, the services Andrews Federal offers have advanced as well. 

Members can use Andrews Federal for checking and savings accounts, auto loans, home loans, credit cards, and more. They can access their credit union from mobile devices and can check balances or deposit checks with a few taps of a screen. 

Members have access to our robust branch network. They can take their Andrews Federal Credit Union membership with them whether they move across the states or around the world. 

One thing has not changed, though - our commitment to serving you. 

As we commemorate our 75 years of service, we are grateful for the loyalty of our members. Credit unions are unique financial institutions because they are owned and controlled by the members who use their services. 

One of the ways we show our appreciation for our members' loyalty is by offering competitive rates on deposits and loans, and a host of convenient financial services and resources. We look for ways to make life better for our members - to be a partner in facing your financial concerns and in helping you reach your long-term goals.

During 2023, we are planning unique events, incentives, giveaways, and more to show appreciation for our members and our communities, and to reinforce our commitment to service. 

As we celebrate throughout the year, we hope you will join together with us. After all, you are the reason we are able to celebrate and continue serving our communities!