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Busy Holidays, More Opportunities for Fraud.

Learn to Protect Yourself this Holiday Season

During the holidays, you’re busier. You make more purchases. The combination of a busy schedule and unusual purchases makes it easier for fraudsters to take advantage of your hectic schedule and wreak havoc on your finances.

We’ve put together a few fraud red flags to watch out for during the holiday season and some ways to protect yourself.

Holiday Fraud Red Flags

  • Discounts or prices that seem too good to be true. If an item is priced unusually low, be on alert that it might be a fraudulent website or scam product.
  • Spelling or grammar errors on websites or in messages.
  • Emails with unfamiliar links.
  • Messages that are seemingly from a loved one and that ask you to send money urgently
  • Phone calls, texts or other messages that pressure you to make on-the-spot purchases or contributions, or share personal information.
  • Messages that claim to be from your financial institution and that ask you to share personal information.

How To Stay Safer This Holiday Season

Just like Santa checks his list twice, you can also benefit from being extra vigilant during the holiday season.

  • Make sure websites you access/use for shopping are secure and reputable. Look for https:// instead of http:// on the URL, and read reviews of the business or charity before sending money.
  • Don’t click email links if you’re unsure about the sender.
  • Use your Andrews Federal credit card when you shop so you can protect yourself with our zero liability guarantee on unauthorized purchases.
  • Contact us immediately if you believe you’ve been scammed. The sooner you talk with our team, the more we can help you mitigate the damage created by fraudsters.

The holiday season can be hectic, and scammers will exploit every opportunity and distraction to try to take advantage of you. Be vigilant and prepared, and don’t hesitate to contact your credit union if you are concerned you’ve been targeted by a scammer.