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Back to School Photo Contest

Everyone loves the first day of school!

Everyone loves the first day of school. With the reach of social media, you can enjoy looking at happy back-to-school photos from friends and family across the community and around the world.

This year, Andrews Federal is hosting a Back to School photo contest in partnership with DC News Now. Five lucky winners will receive a $100 VISA gift card - a great option to defray the costs of school clothes and school supplies!

Photo Contest Details:

How to Enter: Submit your student’s first-day-of-school photo on the DC News Now contest page.

Timeframe:From Aug. 21, 2023 to Sept. 3, 2023

Prizes: Five winners will be randomly chosen to recieve a $100 VISA gift card!

Additional Important Details to Know: If your student is under 18, their entry must be submitted by an adult.

More Money-Saving Tips for a New School Year

The average family spends more than $800 on school supplies annually, according to the National Retail Federation. We’ve put together a few ideas to help families manage the rising costs of supplies when preparing for a new school year.

  1. Shop your home: Many times, we may want to knock out all our shopping in one trip. However, you may find that you have still-usable school supplies from last year at home, or that there are summer clothing items that can be extended into the school year. If you use what you have, you can wait until you really need a new item to purchase it - and it might even be on sale then!
  2. Use a rewarding card: When you shop, make sure you’re getting something in return on your transaction. If you use Payback Checking from Andrews Federal or use a credit card that earns points, you’ll recoup a little more of your costs and reward yourself as you shop.
  3. Comparison shop: Online shopping can give you access to many more deals. Look for specials and promo codes you can use to reduce the price even further or save on shipping.
  4. Consider Secondhand Options: Your local thrift store can be a great place to find deals and to make the most of your back-to-school budget. It can be a little more environmentally friendly too, reducing the amount of resources required to produce new goods. You could also plan a clothing swap with friends where everyone goes home with new-to-them items.