• Air Defense
  • Airmobile Infantry
  • Anti-Tank
Share Certificates offer higher returns than regular savings accounts.

That means your savings will flourish while you're busy enjoying the holidays.

  • Save between 8 and 84 month terms
  • Open with a minimum $1,000 deposit
  • Earn 2.05% APY* for a 8-month term1
  • Air Defense
  • Airmobile Infantry
  • Anti-Tank

Limited-Time Special Offers

Certificate Term Minimum to Open Dividend Rate APY*
8-Month Share Certificate1 8 months $1,000 2.03% 2.05%
13-Month Share Certificate2 13 months $1,000 2.13% 2.15%
17-Month Share Certificate3 17 months $1,000 2.23% 2.25%
55-Month Share Certificate4 55 months $1,000 2.57% 2.60%
84-Month Share Certificate5 84 months $1,000 3.02% 3.05%

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