Personal Online Banking

Bank anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Send money to the people you love
  • Custom alerts to avoid unwanted surprises
  • Quick action links for banking in a snap
  • Pay bills, or apply for a loan
  • Open a new account
  • And, so much more 

Digital Banking User Guide

View our Digital Banking User Guide to learn how to get the most out of our new Digital Banking platform.

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Protect your online access

Keeping your personal information safe and secure is our top priority. Though, there are a few things you can do to safeguard your Digital Banking credentials further.

  • Never share your username and password with anyone, especially if they ask for it
  • Create a username with at least six letters, numbers and special characters (except & < >)
  • Do not include your account number in your username or, more than four numerical digits 
  • Create a password with at least eight letters, numbers, and special characters, (except & < >)
  • When logging in from a desktop, make sure the computer is up-to-date on security software, and connected to a safe wifi network
  • When using a new device, you will have to verify your identity by entering a secure access code. The one-time access code will be sent to your phone via voice, email, or text. 
  • If your account information has been compromised, contact us at 1-800-487-5500 (U.S.) or 00800-487-56267 (outside the U.S.).

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Pay towards your loan with just a few clicks

Submit a payment to your Andrews Federal loan(s) without logging in. Or, create a username and password to make your next payment that much easier.

  • Send a quick loan payment, and get on with your day
  • Choose 'Express Pay' to make a payment without logging in
  • No fees for making a loan payment online
  • Maximum payment amount is $2,500 
  • Look for a confirmation email after making a payment

Access the site now and start paying down debt.

Save time by accessing all of your bills and payees with one single login and password

  • Make one-time payments quickly and easily
  • Schedule recurring payments, like utility bills, far in advance
  • Receive reminders when certain bills are due
  • Avoid late fees by paying before the due date

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Easily pay your bills without having to cut through red tape

  • Make payments through Online Banking
  • Bills are paid in the currency of the country you're living in (restrictions apply)
  • Low transaction fees
  • Eliminate the need to mail authorization forms and ID

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Opt-in to receive your monthly account statements electronically

  • Receive email notification when your statement is ready
  • Access financial information easily on your computer or mobile device
  • View past statements to track saving and spending trends
  • Reduce fraud risk that comes with putting financial data in the mail

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We make it easy to get your money to where it does you the most good

  • Use transfers to build up savings and investment accounts or make loan payments 
  • Easily move money from another financial institution to Andrews Federal
  • Schedule transfers from Andrews Federal to other banks and credit unions

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Log into digital banking and go to the 'Account Services' tab, and then go to 'Manage Alerts', and go to 'New Alert'.

Log into digital banking, select 'Account Services' and click/tap FICO Score.

Click here to reset your username. Click here to reset your password. 

Click here to learn more about enrolling.

Click on the Login box from the Home Page and select Online Banking from the drop down.

Log into digital banking and select 'Account Services', then tap/click 'View Statements'.

The FICO Score (based on Equifax data) is posted in Online Banking and is updated on a quarterly basis. 

Log into digital banking, and go to 'Pay Bills', and then go to 'US Bill Pay', and go to 'My Account' to view alerts within the notification box.

Digital Wallets

Conquer checkout like a champ with your wallet in the palm of your hands.
Use your credit or debit card today to make purchases on the go.