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To safeguard against the coronavirus, we have made the following changes to how we serve our members:

  • Plexiglass shields were installed at all service stations
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask inside the branch
  • Branches, and ATMs are disinfected daily
  • Social distancing is being enforced

Please come prepared to wear a mask

Members must wear a mask while inside an Andrews Federal branch location. Due to supply shortages, we are unable to provide masks for members at this time. Thanks for understanding.


Please use the form below to request a state-side branch appointment. Overseas branch locations do not require an appointment.

If you have flu like symptoms or have been diagnosed with a virus, you may not enter the branch.

An Andrews Federal representative will contact you to confirm your appointment. Please do not include sensitive information such as your member number, account number or social security number.  

Cloth Face Coverings

In light of new data about how COVID-19 spreads, along with evidence of widespread COVID-19 illness in communities across the country, the CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face covering to cover their nose and mouth in the community setting. This is to protect people around you if you are infected but do not have symptoms.

We are requiring all visitors to wear a cloth face covering when inside any Andrews Federal Credit Union branch location.

Cloth face coverings can be made from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost. 

Please review the CDC's recommendations for cloth face coverings. 

Cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children younger than 2 years of age, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance.

Yes. Wearing cloth face covering is an additional public health measure people should take to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The CDC still recommends that you stay at least 6 feet away from other people (social distancing), frequent hand cleaning and other everyday preventive actions. A cloth face covering is not intended to protect the wearer, but it may prevent the spread of virus from the wearer to others.

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