Credit Cards

Andrews Federal VISA® credit cards offer competitive rates, flexible terms and outstanding benefits to help you get what you want, when you want it. Select the card that's right for you!

Visa Platinum Rewards

Buy groceries in Green Bay or a toothbrush in Tiananmen Square. Wherever life takes you, your Visa® Platinum Rewards Card is there to help you. It's designed to work anywhere Visa® is accepted and comes standard with the integrated Chip & PIN technology that uses a secure four-digit PIN for your transactions. 

  • 1.90% APR* introductory rate for the first nine months
  • 7.99% APR - 18.00% APR* variable rate after the first nine months
  • No international transaction fee
  • Zero balance transfer fee 
  • No annual or cash advance fees
  • Earn Rewards Points with every purchase

Visa Platinum Secured

If you have had past credit problems but have money to use as collateral, our Visa Platinum Secured card is for you. Funds from your Andrews Federal share account secure your card and your credit limit will be based on the amount you deposit. 

  • Funds from your Andrews Federal share account will secure your credit limit
  • Credit limits up to $10,000
  • Integrated Chip & PIN technology
  • Earn dividends while improving your credit  


Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

  •  Rates Effective 05-24-2015
Credit Limit APR Alert Me
Rewards Up to $50,000 7.99% (variable)1 Apply
Secured Up to $10,000 14.50% (variable)2 Apply
  • 1APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The variable rate margin is the prime rate plus 4.74%, 8.74%, 11.74% or 18% depending on your credit history. Maximum APR is 18%. The Prime Rate Index used to determine your APR is the rate published in the Wall Street Journal on the 1st day of December and changes are effective as of the 1st day of your next billing cycle. Capped at the NCUA Usury limit.
  • 2APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The variable rate margin is the prime rate plus 11.25%. Maximum APR is 18%. We will select the highest Prime Rate published in the "Money Rates" section of The Wall Street Journal on the 15th day of each December, March, June, and September. APR changes are effective on the first day of of the billing cycle beginning in January, April, July, and October.

Below are the instructions for member selected PINs on credit cards:

  1. To Change your PIN call: 888-886-0083
  2. Enter your account number.
  3. Verify security questions.
  4. Enter your new PIN (any combination of 4 numbers).
  5. Re-enter your new PIN.
  6. You’re done! Your new PIN will work immediately for swiped and ATM transactions. Please note, chip based transactions may take several transactions/merchants to update, your old PIN may be required until the chip is successfully updated.

Your Andrews Federal Visa® credit and mortgage account information will only be accessible through SmartConnect® simply click  "Access My Account."